Black Friday sales will be everywhere next week, but how do  you know if you're really getting a good deal?  Wallethub did a study of the national retailers, and there are huge sales to take advantage of right in Boise.  We just have to know where to look. 

According to the Wallethub study, JCPenney offers the best Black Friday discounts of all the stores, at 68 percent off on average.  Kohls is in second place, with an average of 66 percent off retail prices.  Groupon is in the top 5, and still over 60 percent off.

Costco, Sam's, and Amazon have the worst deals, according to the study, but they seem to beat everybody else the rest of the year so maybe it all evens out.

Any guess what item has the biggest discounts?  It's not flat screens.  It's jewelry!  So get your man to propose, and go ring shopping next weekend.  You'll both be glad you did. This may also tell us that jewelry has the biggest markups on an average day, but that's to stress about another time.

Besides jewelry, books, movies, and music can also be at rock bottom prices on Black Friday.  Notice clothes, furniture, and electronics aren't usually the things that have the best savings.  You can find some clothing that's 50 percent off on Black Friday, according to the study, and that's probably why we always find sweaters and pajamas from Grandma under the tree.

We've got our finger on the pulse of Black Friday, so keep checking back for news, tips, and hints.  And don't forget to plan your strategy for the best results.  Browsers and lollygaggers tend to miss the best deals.  Good luck.