I have endless childhood memories of going to what was Showbiz Pizza back in the 80's. Today we know the pizza arcade as Chuck E. Cheese. They've done away with the beloved animation band in recent years, but now they may be going away for good. 

The only Chuck E. Cheese in the Treasure Valley is off of Fairview Avenue in Boise and the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the popular kiddie chain hard. According to an article on msn.com, Chuck E. Cheese is $900 million in debt and their leaders are trying to raise $200 million to avoid bankruptcy.

The company had to lay off 17,000 employees in March when the virus changed the world and it may be just too much for the company to recuperate from.

Other restaurants that have been hit hard by the pandemic are Red Robin, which has closed 35 of their 414 locations, 3 here in the Treasure Valley.  TGI Friday's says they will most likely close 70 of their locations forever due to the pandemic, we only have one TGI Friday's which is located in Nampa.

Our world is certainly changing and I'm going to be really sad if my dreams of taking my grandkids one day to Chuck E. Cheese is destroyed.

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