This one caught my attention immediately. Could this be the new normal for future concerts and outdoor events? CNN Travel section just posted this and it's pretty amazing.

I was just talking to Tasha in Star, Idaho who said the one thing she misses is concerts. Tash wants to win tickets to see her favorite artists and wonders if that's coming back.

This photo is from the UK during their first socially distanced concert. Pay attention to how far everyone is distanced and the smaller stages. Could this be the Boise Music Festival in 2021? In speaking with Tasha she didn't like it and would miss the vibe of being at a shoulder to shoulder show.

I think some might like the somewhat intimate show setting but this definitely takes away from the artist. You might even have better turn out considering so many people struggle with larger crowds.

They broke these down into 500 mini-stages that hosted up to five people each. The plan is to do more and the fans are loving it. I'd keep an eye on this one because it's about the money. It looks pretty cool but sadly we just don't know when things will be safe again. This could be a new normal.

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