Everyone is wondering where is 7-year-old JJ Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan? The brother sister duo have been missing since September and although a ton of suspicion has been cast on the Mother and Step-Dad, they haven't been arrested. Now, this dog could be the key to finding these precious children.

A golden doodle puppy named Bailey and his owner, Neal Mastas may have been the last to have seen JJ and Tylee. Bailey is a training dog who was working with JJ, after he was diagnosed with autism. Mastas told Inside Edition that he was shocked when the family returned Bailey upon the family's move to Idaho.

Bailey's trainer says the dog was a great companion and comfort to JJ. JJ struggled to sleep at night and would often wander around the house or even go outside the home, but when he got Bailey he started sleeping much better.

When Lori Vallow returned the dog to Mastas, she said she couldn't talk about why because it was too hard to talk about.

Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell were married just 13 days after the mysterious death of his wife. The Fremont County Sheriffs Department told KTVB her autopsy results could take up to a year. Her husband also died when he was shot by her brother Alex Cox, who claimed self-defense and then Alex turned up dead in December, again under mysterious circumstances.

Could Bailey lead investigators to JJ and Tylee? Maybe the dogs owner can provide investigators the missing piece to this maddening puzzle.

Everyone just wants to know what happened to these kids and we're all praying that somehow they're still alive and make it back home.


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