There's no shortage of farmer's markets around the Treasure Valley. Every Saturday morning there's at least one in guaranteed driving distance from wherever you are.

I recently discovered the Old Fashioned Fruit & Veg stand which is an open-air produce market. In addition to fresh, seasonal, local produce you can also find other local food products such as salsa, milk, kettle corn, eggs and other baked goods! The best part is the Old Fashioned Fruit & Veg stand is open seven days a week. They also have a location on Broadway Ave.

I always prefer to buy my produce from farmer's markets for several reasons:

you're supporting local farmers - farmers can easily be overshadowed by commercial farms that mass produce crops or livestock. When buying from farmers markets your putting money right back into the local economy

everything is way more fresh than in the stores - These fruits aren't sitting around on grocery store shelves all year long. Sometimes you can buy fresh fruit and veggies that have been picked that money

it's usually always cheaper too - You'll be amazed by how much $20 can get you at a fruit stand compared to Whole Foods. There's no reason to be paying more for fruit and vegetables especially if it's not even quality.

the food is seasonal - which ultimately means it's more nutritious. Going back to the fact that the produce is more fresh. You're typically going to find an abundance of summer fruits during the summer because they can be grown here locally during the summer. Instead of having to import them for somewhere warm meaning they're not as fresh by the time they reach the store.

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