I came across a random playlist on Spotify and stopped on a random song called "Freedom Love" that I instantly threw on repeat. I'm pretty sure finding this song was fate. Not only is it a vibe but it also relates to my personal life down to every single lyric. Oh, and then after deciding to google the artist, I saw that he actually played football at Boise State! I think I found my new favorite artist.

Rexx Life Raj is a Bay Area native and former Boise State offensive lineman. Today he's a critically acclaimed rapper but you may remember him suiting up for the blue and orange as part of the 2010 Fiesta Bowl–winning squad.

After his football career, his following took off as a hip-hop artist. Music is in Raj's blood and he's been doing long before football. He comes from a family of gospel and soul singers. Raj told TheRinger.com that’s why he chose rap "because my family could really sing like down-home, from-the-pits-of-your-soul sing." Rexx Life Raj is also the son of a Black Panther a he was even high school classmates with G-Easy!

He's really got such a smooth vibe and sound. MTV says it best: "His build would make any opposing line think twice, but instead of sportsmanlike aggression, he radiates a calm and humble energy."

Raj accepted a full-ride scholarship from Boise State to play football but he never lost sight of his true passion.  “My main focus was always music,” Raj says. “I just happened to be good at football. Even though it wasn’t my passion, I had to go get that scholarship because it was big for my parents to get a degree. When I got to Boise, it was pure football.”

After earning his degree Raj returned back to the Bay Area and has been pursing his dreams since.

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