The latest Coronavirus news has a Boise couple stuck on a cruise ship off the coast of California indicating it may not be all doom and gloom afterall.

The death rate is relatively low but this has become one of the biggest and scariest news stories in a long time.You may have heard of the Grand Princess cruise ship, docked in Oakland, California with 3,533 people on board who I would have assumed wanted nothing more than to get off the ship.

Thanks to CBS 2 Boise, we know that a local couple is actually doing okay after their stay on the ship. In fact, the quote was "We are two of the people quarantined on the Grand Princess that are from Idaho... We are being treated well and blessed to have a balcony room." The Boise couple that were stuck on the ship are Darla and Marv Curtis and while a cruise ship obviously means super close quarters, at least it's sort of luxurious, you get tons of good food and there are fun activities.

I had a friend tell me, "this is our Bubonic Plague, you just watch..." One of the differences between a global pandemic like we're having now vs the PLAGUE that killed so many people in the late middle ages in Europe is that we have global communication and science. Back in those days, there was no way of knowing right away what was happening around the world. Granted, travel was a lot more difficult back then so it was probably easier to not spread around the world but now that we have science and communication, we know what we're facing.

Maybe I'm an optimist, but I'm pretty positive about this whole thing. Hopefully it'll be gone in no time and we'll be looking back at it like "remember the whole Coronavirus scare?" Either that or we're all going to die and some future aliens or something will stumble upon this blog and get a chuckle out of it.

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