The History: Albion State Normal School

Established in 1893, Albion State Normal School was commissioned by an Act of the Idaho State Legislature in response to the farm town's demand for higher education. The college nearly met its demise when student enrollment had plummeted to a staggering low during the Great Depression. After World War II, however, the institution was resuscitated by Veterans and service members in pursuit of continuing education.

During its 57-year lifespan, Albion State Normal School changed its name to Southern Idaho College of Education and credentialed nearly 7,000 teachers. One of those educators was Terrell H. Bell who served as the United States Secretary of Education for the Raegan Administration. But despite the college's diligent efforts to meet state mandates and criteria, continued low enrollment forced the college's doors to close in 1951. Today the college has been absorbed by Idaho State University in Pocatello.

The Haunting

By night, Idaho State University is a college campus like you've never experienced. Moonlighting as Idaho's most dynamic haunted attraction, ISU has become the largest, most elaborate Halloween production in the Pacific Northwest.

The Haunted Mansions at the Albion School of Chaos is a thrill-seeker's ideal expedition into the macabre. An escape from the mundane comfort's of reality, patrons tip toe the line between amused visitor and horrified survivor as they weave their way through:

  • the School of Chaos;
  • the Old Steam Plant;
  • the Clown House;
  • the Creature House;
  • and the Haunted Cornish Hall.

Multiple floors, corridors, passage ways, and eerie tunnels within each 100+ year-old building elevates the experience from child's play to an intensely immersive experience. Bonus: the experience continues outside the confines of the college's haunted houses with live entertainment and tasty fair food.

For admission rules, information, and tickets, visit The Haunted Mansions at the Albion School of Chaos. Happy hauntings!

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