As the saying goes, this is the "New Normal" and as we move into phase 3 and eventually phase 4 of re-opening Idaho, things are still going to be a little different. Here's what may never make a comeback. 

1. Shaking Hands : Dr. Anthony Fauci says this should become a thing of the past. (I can't imagine not shaking someone's hand when we meet, but it's something we may just have to get used to.)

2. Buffets and Salad Bars. (Man I'm a sucker for a good salad bar, so again this makes me sad, but I don't see these returning anytime soon. )

3. Public Touch Screens. (I don't know what the alternative will be, but these screens have been found to be hotbeds for bacteria.)

4. Reusable Bags. (It wasn't long ago that we were encouraged to use reusable bags at the grocery store to help protect the environment, now we shouldn't use them because they can hold on to germs. )

5. Crowded Lines. (Social distancing is sure to be in place for a long time to come.)

6. No longer putting your keys, wallets, phones in the security bins at the airport. Now they want you to keep those items on you and they'll just process them through the x-ray system.)

7. Drinking Fountains. (I've always thought these were kind of gross anyway. have you ever seen a little kid slurping at the fountain? Enough said.)

8. Cash. (Can you imagine no more cash?! It could happen because money is known for being so dirty. We better get used to Venmo and Apple Pay!)

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