First and foremost, I don't take the time to go and leave bad reviews for a business following a bad experience. Have I ever left a bad review? I'm sure I have, maybe when it was all the rage and sites like Yelp were on the rise. But do I leave bad reviews today? Absolutely not and I vow to never.

The reason is simple: it's essentially "tattle-telling" but the adult version of it. In my opinion, if you have a bad review, you don't come back. If someone brings it up, you tell them how bad the experience was. While perfectly normal behavior to some, I can't understand the mindset that comes with sharing every bad experience you have in the form of a bad review. It seems exhausting but also, a lot of extra effort to go out of the way for something so petty.

All of that being said - I am extremely grateful for bad reviews because every now and then, you come across a review that doesn't exactly convey a bad experience more than it does showcase the pettiness of people. It's those stories that I enjoy sharing with you and in today's case, we are sharing some of the worst reviews of nude resorts and springs in the Treasure Valley. What makes some of these reviews amazing is how some of these people seemed to have unreal expectations for places that literally require no clothes.

So, sit back and relax while we dive into some of the awkwardness that is bad reviews of nude resorts and springs in the Treasure Valley.

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