With the Broncos football team off this week, this is a great chance to support the ladies in their efforts on the volleyball court.

The Broncos' volleyball team has a winning record so far, and they're fun to watch!

I grew up in a football state (Nebraska), but the volleyball team there has a huge following and it packs in the fans at the matches.  Three of my roommates in college were volleyball players, and those girls were in shape!  They could out-vertical jump many guys, and could tackle people just as well as linebackers.  I didn't mess with them, even if they did steal my yogurt from the shared fridge.

The Boise State volleyball team has won a lot of its matches this year in straight sets - not giving the opponent any chance to even get in the game - and they've piled up a bunch of nice wins.  They're on a road trip this weekend that had them at New Mexico last night, and they'll be at UNLV tomorrow.

The next home matches for the Bronco volleyball team will be October 5th and 7th, against Colorado State and Wyoming if ya wanna to cheer them on in person.

Moms, take your daughters!  These women provide some good inspiration about how hard work and dedication pay off, and they'll give our kiddos a new level to aspire to. Good luck this weekend against UNLV ladies.  We'll be watching.

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