Seriously, there is a lot to be upset about in 2020. Societal and political unrest, a global pandemic, the economic downturn and chaos in the education system as a result of Covid-19--there's just a lot! But there are still good things happening, and seeing the silver linings brings hope during these weirdo times.

I always say "It's the little things." Heck, a lot of people say that. It's a saying for a reason. At the traffic light today I saw a car whose window read "Honk if you are having a good day." As I pulled out my phone to take a picture, I took the moment to think of the little things that made my day good. And I honked.

I woke up this morning in good health. I got to work another day at my dream job. The stress of searching for a house is no longer weighing me down. I had a cinnamon roll I'd been craving for 2 months. I lost another pound. And I saw a car today whose driver wants to know if you're having a good day, which is such positive vibes how could that not make my day?

Call me corny, but hearing that someone had a good day gives me hope during the bad ones. What made your day good, big or small? How are you going to spread that positive energy to others? I can't guarantee most things, but I do believe there are still good days in 2020.


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