Looking for a new gig?  More than likely you know someone who needs a new job. The City of Boise has a long list of positions that need some quality people to fill those spots. The crazy thing is, most people don't even know what's available. These are awesome jobs...

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Our #BeautifulBoise is run by some pretty creative, intelligent and hard working people. I can't even imagine the amount of pressure that hangs on the shoulders of these men and women. I mean when you look at it, these are the folks making the decisions to make our city better. I have a hard enough time making sure Mike and Nicole have everything that they need every morning on the Mix Morning Show, so I'm envious of these city leaders. On our show, we talk to so many of you talking about being between jobs and looking for the next best gig. Well, the City has a pretty massive list of vacancies that with the qualified person could be the perfect fit. Check out some of these jobs.

Branch Librarian: A full-time job that offers a competitive salary and for the man or women who enjoy people and books...boom...This is your spot.

Fire Communication Manager: Another full-timer that will for sure challenge you. Think about working for the Fire Department, and putting out a positive plan with forms of inter and external communications. Oh and fellas, ask any of your lady friends what they think of a man in uniform. I'm just saying.

Strategic Water Resource Manager: Looking to make a healthy spot of cash..if you are qualified then this is the job! Full time, great salary and getting your hands dirty who could pass it up.

There are just a few of the jobs that the City is looking to fill. So get that resume dusted off and dry clean the dresses and press the shirts and go for it. Your city is asking for your help...will you answer. LOL.

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