If you need someone to watch the kids on New Year's Eve, book now before it's too late.  And prepare yourself for cost!  It's going to be about 20 percent higher than any other time of year. 

An average Friday or Saturday night out during the year will cost a parent about $60, since the national average for a babysitter is $15 per hour for one child, and the average night out is four hours. On New Year's Eve, that creeps up because the demand for sitters is high.  It's more like $17.88 for one child, and parents with two kids will pay over $20 per hour.  If you have three kids like me, don't even do the math.  Just don't.   

Aside from the regular rate, a lot of us tip the babysitter and we might give her a ride home or pick up a meal too.  The extras will add up, and before we know it we're in the hold for a hundred bucks and we haven't even spent our designated fun money yet on dinner and drinks and plastic crowns and noise makers.

This is why we decide to couch it, and watch the ball drop curled up with a cozy blanket and big fuzzy slippers.  It's too dang expensive to go out.

But maybe we're thinking about this high babysitter cost from the wrong angle.  What if we call up all of the moms we know and have them drop their kids off at our house...for a fee?  Total side hustle opportunity.  And we get to wear fuzzy slippers.

If you're thinking of going out for New Year's Eve, there are some Boise babysitters on Care.com that would be happy to watch your kids.  Just don't wait too long to book 'em.  And save some of that Christmas budget to make it all happen.

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