Satirical publication The Onion is back at it again making fun of Idaho. Recently it released a list titled "The Most Infamous Crimes In Every State." The crime described for the gem state? "In 1936, a local farmer was arrested for massive potato fraud after selling hundreds of brown-painted rocks at market." Going for the low hanging fruit with the ground growing vegetable is so predictable when people about try to joke about Idaho. I bet you guessed it was potato related before you even read further.

Whoever is running The Onion's twitter account apparently is feeling a way about Idaho these days because they shared one of their older articles targeting the state. Can you expect a potato reference? Absolutely you can. "Dad Returns From Business Trip With Exotic Gifts From Idaho" details a father bestowing Idaho-specific presents to his kids and they are very clearly basic AF. I'm not going to lie, it did make me giggle.

“And for you, my dearest children, these finely woven cotton vestments emblazoned with arcane Idahoan markings and with colorful etchings of an edible garden vegetable known to natives there as a ‘potato.’”

Yes, there's a potato reference in there. But it works! I get a kick out of trying to make something plain sound fancy. It's not the highest caliber of humor, but it's fun. So I guess I'm the target audience. Pretty harmless considering The Onion can get pretty dark and scathing. And even proud Idahoans can admit this place is the opposite of exotic despite having a lot of character...right?

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