Last week I will admit I had no idea what musical we had tickets to at the Morrison Theater, other than the title was 'Something Rotten'. After a two second internet search I found out it was about two brothers who were trying to write plays at the same time as William Shakespeare but they just couldn't keep up with the work Shakespeare was putting out.

That is until one of the brothers pays a soothsayer to tell him the future so they can attempt to get some of the attention and fame everyone is giving to Shakespeare. Things don't work out exactly as planned, with lots of other twists along the way even a love story the Musical was fantastic.

One of the many things done very well during the presentation of 'Something Rotten' was the hilarious jokes or mentions of other musicals throughout the show. All in all I was highly impressed with 'Something Rotten' and if you ever get the chance to see it make sure you grab a ticket. Unfortunately, it was only playing at the Morrison Theater for one weekend.

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