According to this is the most haunted hotel in Idaho. Take a look and even book a night in this spooky place.

The White Horse Hotel, Saloon and Cafe, as one of the oldest hotels in the state has some stories to tell. The haunting tales started back in the 1920's and have remained ever since. According to the article by Haunted Rooms there is a ghost they named "Big Girl" :

‘Big Girl’ and she is responsible for slamming doors and moving items throughout the hotel. She has also appeared as an apparition on a number of occasions. She seems to be especially drawn to Room 2 of the hotel.

Many people have stayed there hoping to see ghosts or hear the whispers of one. The CDA Press did a story a while ago as well as many other publications featuring this haunted Idaho Hotel. The White Horse was entered into the National Register of Historic places in February of 1979. Have you ever stayed here or know someone who  has?

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