FRANK VANDERSLOOT the man, the billionaire

An American self-made billionaire, Frank Vandersloot is the founder and executive chairman of Melaleuca, Inc. He's also the richest man in the state of Idaho. But founding and chairing a health and wellness brand worth over $3 billion dollars hasn't changed the Idaho native.

In a Jul. 2022 interview with Jemima McEvoy at Forbes, Vandersloot says he still thinks of himself as the son of railroad worker, waking up to chop wood before school on his family's northern Idaho farm.

People think that you’re a different person because of the size of your checking account, but it doesn’t work that way, at least I don’t think it does. I think that wealth or success will test your character more than failure ever could, and you’ve got to measure up to that. If success changes you, then I think you’ve missed the whole point of life.

—Frank Vandersloot



That same year, Vandersloot ranked #351 out of 400 on the Forbes List, and #1053 on the Forbes List of Billionaires. Yet despite his success, Vandersloot is among the world's wealthiest men and women who still do their own housework.

According to Forbes, Vandersloot and his wife Belinda prefer to manage the majority of their household chores! From taking the trash out, to washing dishes and flipping loads of laundry, Vandersloot and his wife Belinda appreciate the ability to care for their own  home. The couple even includes their grandchildren in the effort by paying them to do yard work around their property.

For the average Joe, none of this would resonate as spectacular, we get that. But finding a multi-billionaire who appreciates the value of a hard day's work around their home? That's exceptional!

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