The Idaho Department of Labor says about 170,000 current and past job-seeker accounts have been compromised by hackers.

The hackers may have been able to view personal information like names, Social Security numbers and dates of birth. The Department of Labor is notifying the people whose account information may have been compromised by email or regular mail.

IdahoWorks users whose accounts may have been compromised are being advised to put a fraud alert on their credit reports and let police know if they notice any suspicious activity. It's so important to regularly monitor your bank accounts, credit cards, and credit report to make sure there is nothing out of place and that your personal information is safe and secure. It seems like every week we hear a of a new scam or hacked website that is urging customers or users to be aware of their accounts.

A toll-free number to answer affected users' questions, as well as updated information, will be posted HERE.

Idaho isn’t the only state using the program either. Ten other states were compromised as well, with a total of 4.8 million accounts affected.

Don't let your personal information get out there in the wrong hands!


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