Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to fireworks, whether they should be legal or illegal. And as we were approaching the 4th of July we all got to "enjoy" seeing peoples opinions being posted on the Nextdoor app or through community Facebook pages.

It is amazing to me how hostile and fierce people can act behind their keyboard, being so insulting to their neighbors because they don't have the same beliefs. No side was better than the other, people were throwing insults at each other just attempting to be hurtful. It was very childish to see, and there was no way I was going to involve myself in that conversation.

I was expecting the ignorance to stop once the 4th of July was over that didn't happen. There are still fireworks (very few at this point) that are being let off in neighborhoods across the area, including mine. But instead of either talking to the person lighting them off or even calling the police, I find it interesting that people would rather get aggressive behind their keyboard.

Just a reminder to be careful what you post, there have been numerous people that have been charged with making threats over the internet. And more important than that, remember to treat people the way you would want to be treated.

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