There are definite differences between North and Southern Idaho, one that North in Pacific Time, Southern in Mountain Time.   That could soon be changing. 

Idaho Senator Steve Vick has proposed North Idaho joining Boise and Southern Idaho in the Mountain Time Zone year round.  This becomes a little more complicated though as his proposal would have it be united with Boise in the winter, but in summer, North Idaho would not change for daylight-saving time.

The proposal was officially brought to the State Senate last week.  Part of his motivation was a failed motion in Washington State that would have kept Washington in daylight-saving configuration year-round.  His premise was if Washington was to have made the change, North Idaho should have as well.

The resolution his proposed did pass the Idaho Senate unanimously.  Vick did say that he thinks the change should only be made if Washington changes the time alignment it would be participating.  That decision is actually made by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The resolution would apply to the 10 most northern counties in Idaho, but will not proceed unless Washington revisits the idea of being in one time alignment year-round.

You can find more on this from the Spokesman-Review.


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