All insulated tumblers are not created equal. Some stainless cups are successful at keeping drinks cold for at least 24 hours, and others lose their mojo and start gathering sweat beads halfway through the workday. So how do we know which one to pick?

If you don't mind paying more, the Yeti is probably the best.  In fact, it seems like there's a Yeti model on top of just about all of best of lists when it comes to tumblers, and they do seem hard to beat in contests about which brand keeps drinks cold the longest.  But for the money, I found another brand that seems to work pretty well.

I love Costco more than is probably healthy, and I've found myself trusting them to sell good products to me just because they have really good honeydew melons.  The produce is good, and therefore all products must be good, right?  It works out well in my head.  So know that my thoughts are not scientifically proven and could be tainted by my love for enormous blueberries and good Fujis.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin TSM

The Reduce 30 oz. tumbler seems to work pretty well.  If not Costco, you can get two for $28 right now on Amazon, compared to one similar Yeti for $35.  There's also a Yeti vacuum-sealed tumbler for $70, and a custom-engraved Yeti tumbler for $98 if you really want to go all out.  The Yeti lid is dishwasher safe, but if you put the whole mug in there it could ruin your investment.  Reduce is always cheaper than Yeti, and for me, the results with Reduce have been good.  Ice doesn't melt for almost a day and it never sweats.

I have another brand besides Reduce and Yeti that never keeps drinks cold longer than a few hours, and if I use it for ice water by my bed at night, it's got sweat beads on the outside and a room temperature liquid inside by morning.  The Reduce tumbler never does me wrong, and if I decided to spring for a Yeti I'm sure that would be good too.  Yetis tend to get the best reviews, but if you're looking to save money Reduce might be a good option.

Nobody is paying me to talk about brands so please don't think this is an ad.  I just like knowing what works for you, and when I find something that works for me I'll share that too.  I just wish Reduce made tumblers in aqua blue.  Oh wait, they do!  Maybe it's time to level up.  And then add that custom $98 Yeti to my birthday list just for comparison sake.

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