He's back!  The Bandit has returned and stolen $4000 from the Mix 106 Mixmas Money vault.  If you track him down and find it, you get to keep it!  Here's what you need to know.

At this point, we know The Bandit has stolen $4000 cash from Mix 106 and has hidden it somewhere in the Treasure Valley. It's not a big surprise that he's at this again. He stole the Mix 106 rims. He stole the 1 of 106, he stole Santa, he's jacked cash before, and even took the M from Mix before.  Each time someone found those items and got paid big for their efforts! Now he's at it again! Find the cash and you'll be $4000 richer!

Clues will be given daily at 6:15, 7:15 with Mike & Nicole, a Clue Review at 12:15 with Jen Austin and a new clue afternoons at 4:15 with Jeff Connell.

They could be clues to find the four pieces of the ransom note (that makes it easier to find the cash), or it could be to the cash itself.  Surprisingly, he IS willing to tell us what location he's giving a clue to.

He is offering extra clues for members of the12 Listeners' Club, and you never know when he's going to pop on the air, the Mix Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, hijack the Mix Mobile App, or go live on Facebook. The more you listen to Mix, watch the website and social media, and stay plugged into the 12 Listener's Club, the better your chance to grab the $4000 cash!

Some rules:

  • You must be 18 or over to be eligible to win
  • You must reside in the station metro survey area as defined by Nielsen Audio
  • The item that represents the $4,000 will NOT be hidden on state capitol grounds, under any paved surface, under artificial turf, any park sites under construction, private property, on any pre-existing advertising and marketing collateral pieces involving Mix 106.

Follow our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram since he may jump in and give some extra clues.  Good luck!

The Bandit is powered by Silverhawk Realty, with 5 Offices across the Treasure Valley serving Idaho AND Oregon.  SilverhawkRealty.com

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