In a year like 2020, pets have really solidified themselves as the domestic heroes we don't deserve. Doggies and kitty cats are too pure for this world and we owe them a debt of gratitude for all the emotional support they've provided in this pandemic year of trash. Our furry friends made zoom meetings bearable and depression sleeping cozier and less sad. I think it's only fair we let them join the Thanksgiving feast this year so long as we utilize these safety tips.

If your pet is jonesing for some turkey, don't deny them. Well cooked pieces pose no threat to your pooch. Avoid offering undercooked or raw bits even if they're begging. Salmonella poisoning isn't worth it. Also keep them away from the carcass. Their digestive tracts can't handle those kinds of bones.

Bread dough is a no-no for Toto. Once in their bellies, the yeast in raw bread dough will continue to turn the sugars in the dough into alcohol and carbon dioxide, causing your pet to be bloated, drunk, and sick. Poor thing will end up in the ER.

Make their feast about variety versus quantity. As humans we've evolved into surviving the yearly binge-fest that is Thanksgiving, both physically and emotionally. We push through the stomach pain and self loathing to shovel one more bit of pie into our mouths. Your pet is not equipped for that. So make them a plate with a little of everything. a dollop of mashed potatoes with gravy, a smidge of pumpkin pie, a spoonful of sweet potato and green beans, and a couple bits of the well cooked turkey. They'll be satisfied and not in danger of a trip to the hospital.

Visit the ASPCA website for a full list of foods to avoid giving your pet if you're not sure about your menu this Thursday. And let's be thankful that our four legged family members don't have any post election think pieces they'd like to share at the dinner table.


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