When you're on the phone late at night and tired the next day, it's because you had a great talk with a hot date and you're excited about all the great flirty things that were said, right?  Yes!  I wish.

In this case, my late-night phone rendezvous was with tech support.  Ick!  I mean I'm happy they exist and all to fix the world's computer problems, but a late-night chit chat with a hottie would have been a whole lot more fun.

Here's why I wanted to poke my eyes out.

There was some sort of weird power surge yesterday at my house, and it knocked the modem out.  It came back, but one computer couldn't get back online.  Quick note - I have two desktops and a laptop on my home network, and one of the desktops needs a Static IP address to work with some software.  That one refused to let me get online.  It wouldn't let me assign the right IP number even though it had been using it for two years prior to the power surge.  There was one of those dreaded "conflicts" on the network somewhere.

So after pausing to take the kids to an Easter Egg hunt at church and then coming home to eat and get jammies on, I was finally able to put the kids to bed and call tech support to resume.  The whole process start-to-finish was about seven hours. Because busy moms have nothing better to do on a Sunday.  I wanted to pull out my own fingernails!

Guess what they finally figured out?  My DVR was also connected to the internet, and when things started to come back online after the surge, it stole the Static IP from my desktop and wouldn't let it go.  I asked the rep if we could unplug the DVR from the wall to take it out of commission, and then reassign my desktop the proper number. Seemed logical to a non-techie like me.  She was on her last option, and dismissed my silly idea but let me try it anyway while she was digging around on the router.  It worked!  I'm a genius and I should be working for tech support apparently to make them quicker. When in doubt, unplug it!

I did get a text from a hottie while I was on the phone with tech support.  Maybe next time I'll be up late with him instead of tech support.

People of the tech world....you do a fine job and you should be commended for having to deal with people like me.  It would just be easier if you were actually at my house and I could do laundry and other tasks while you're working on my computer problems. Wanna get married?

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