I just wrote an article about stimulus checks and they could arrive on St. Patrick's Day. That actually happened as 90 million Americans already woke up to increased balances Wednesday. Just in time for taxes.

I'm not trying to be the downer because not everyone owes at the end of the year. We do know that April 15 is your deadline on taxes every year. Uncle Sam is giving you some more time this year with an official new date announced for deadlines. May 15, 2021, will be the national due date on Taxes.

I read yesterday that the goal was to move it out to June, but that obviously didn't make the cut. The Internal Revenue Service wants to give Americans more time to finish up with bill settlements and additional time to file. The IRS believes an extra 30 days will be the appropriate amount needed to accomplish that.

May 15 will fall on Saturday this year and that means you will be given the following Monday at your due date (May 17.)

Under titanic stress and strain, American taxpayers and tax preparers must have more time to file tax returns.

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That comes from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard E. Neal. This could also be part of the millions of tax returns that are still sitting in boxes due to the pandemic. I'm not making that up because mine was one of those. I filed backlogged taxes in June of 2020 and just started receiving payments. I had to hire a tax person to assist me through all the red tape and millions of boxes stuck in offices due to safety restrictions.

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