Life Hack Review By Nicole: Shaving Cream vs. Peanut Butter
I love trying new "Life Hacks" to make life easier or daily activities more efficient.
The first one I am going to try is a strange hack I saw trending online yesterday.
Shaving Cream vs. Peanut Butter.
It's said that peanut butter is actually the best option when it comes to shaving because …
Back Hair Art
Ladies, if you like a clean-shaven guy, there's a chance you'll be grossed out by this.
A man in Nampa is making the most of his back hair by shaving art into it, and you can actually buy his creations and have your very own back hair memento.  Here's how.
I Need To Get A Cat Shaved
That is the statement I actually had to repeat numerous times trying to find a place that would shave my brother's cat so the furry thing wouldn't overheat this summer. As you'll see, he wasn't a fan of this process.