Wanna Be Happier? Do These Things
I love it when the experts get it all figured out and break it down into a few easy steps for us.  Happiness seems so easy to come by when they spell it out, but even those in the worst of funks might be able to gain some bright sides from it so I thought I'd share.
Love Is In The Air
I love out of the ordinary marriage proposals! The more creative the better! This guy's proposal is all of that and more.
I Love You…Chipotle?
There are some restaurants that I like a lot...but I don't think there are any I a deep troubling obsessive love.  That's not true for a few people...and the restaurant they Chipotle.
See their dedication to, what I admit is a great place to eat, HERE...
Katy Perry Inspires Me
I love and respect Katy Perry on so many levels, and I'm always interested in what she has to say about love.
She doesn't just suffer a breakup and wallow in the pain, but instead she seems to want to learn what she can from the experience and take that with her for next time.
People like th…

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