Boise Does Beautiful Exceptionally Well
As I've been preparing to move, I've been cleaning out cabinets, boxes, and even some files on old flash drives and computers. I came across a few shots of the beautiful place we call home and wanted to share.
Know More About Freak Alley
If you've explored Downtown Boise, one of our most unique and impressive places to swing by is Freak Alley.  It really is a captivating spot, but I realized I don't know much about it.
Local Idaho Landmarks
Driving around the last couple days just going about normal business, I've noticed again how many beautiful "ordinary" things we have in our Treasure Valley.  I finally grabbed a few pics.
10 Iconic Hotspots In Boise
I can say that after leaving and coming back to this amazing city and calling Boise home again is even better the second time around. Here are 10 iconic Boise Spots that every local can say, yeah that's my spot or has a story about.
If you haven't hit any of these landmarks, make it a weeke…