If you've explored Downtown Boise, one of our most unique and impressive places to swing by is Freak Alley.  It really is a captivating spot, but I realized I don't know much about it.

How did it start?  How is additional art added?  Who owns the space?

KIVI TV 6 covered some of the work that's going on right now at what is considered to be the "largest outdoor gallery in the Northwest." It was a far more humble start, as a painted back door on a business.

That grew into, what today spans the entire alleyway on the block, was permission for art to be placed on the back of every business and building owner down the row.  What you see along the alley changes from year-to-year, as new submissions and proposals are accepted from artists and added to the collection.

Often times new pieces are added to what it already there, but sometimes, it does include painting over existing work.  There is also a process to touch up some older pieces as well.

It was fun to discover a bit more about a very special place in our city, and you can see the coverage from KIVI TV 6 below as well.

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