I've noticed a trend across the Treasure Valley lately.  My very simple order keeps getting messed up in the drive thru.  Is it just me?  Is it too easy? 

I'm a very simple eater, and I haven't done much drive thru eating for the past year, so maybe I've just forgotten how challenging it can be when you special order, but the last 3 times I ordered at the drive thru, my simple "plain cheeseburger" order was screwed up.

These are different companies, different times of the day, but the same order.  A cheeseburger, with cheese, and nothing else.  At home I like a little onion and lettuce, but I don't even bother adding those at the drive thru as I learned years ago a "semi-special order" meant more confusion, so I try to keep it very simple.  A plain cheeseburger.

Do you have the same problem?  I know it means it screws up the routine and may be more complicated, but I don't know how to order more clearly and avoid the confusion.

Your help appreciated.

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