Ford Announces Fusion Recall
Idaho Ford Fusion or Lincoln MKZ owners, you need to be aware of a recall that was launched today. It is possible that your steering wheel could fall off while driving.
Thanks For Damanging My Car
Well, I'm irritated. I know in the grand scheme of things, this is minor, but as I left the office last night, walking up to my car I could see it. I had a new scratch and dent in my door.
CWI Gets Ready To Flex
The need for speed is real. The muscle cars, the roadsters and classic will all be out on display next weekend in Nampa and you are invited.
The Treasure Valley is Spending Too Much on Cars
It feels good to have a vehicle that you love, but spending a big chunk of your income on a nice ride creates big personal debt problems. And in some parts of the Treasure Valley, we rank among the worst in the US for overspending.  If you're thinking of buying a new vehicle, you gott…
Cars Burglarized in Nampa
At least a dozen cars were discovered burglarized in a Nampa neighborhood on the morning of Labor Day.
The break-ins were in the Autumn Breeze subdivision, in the area of Greenhurst Road and Southside Boulevard.
Between 12 and 15 vehicles were burglarized and almost all of them were unlocked...

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