Caldwell Haunted House Supports Anti-Bullying Program
If you're looking to get into the Halloween spirit, there's a new haunted house in Caldwell, set up to scare up some support for anti-bullying efforts.
Requiem Haunted House is the largest indoor haunted house in Idaho.
They have some spooky attractions like the freak show and a coffin simulator calle…
Doing The Right Thing Can Go A Long Way
School can be hard enough. But to have to compete with all the insecurities you go through the last thing you want to deal with is a BULLY! Bullies are the WORST. This 16 year old was on the wrong end of mean spirited student when an unknown classmate came to the rescue...
WATCH: Opening A Door To Hope
I have had something on my heart for the last couple months.  A deep desire to find people making a difference - making the world better - learn from them and share my appreciation.