Here we go. Let's talk about some of the worst baby names for boys to ever come out of Idaho. We've all been there before — meeting someone, learning what their name is, and then immediately wondering...

How could your parents do this to you?

These are the kinds of boy names we're talking about. Keep scrolling for a list of boy names you may have never even heard of before — but they're out there — and people in Idaho named their babies these names.

There's a popular blogger from Idaho who's been tracking baby name trends in Idaho and Utah for years, and her findings are definitely interesting. After reviewing a lot of her content, it sounds like she thinks the reason for these weird names is the "Mormon culture."

Again, we've likely all been there, meeting someone with a weird name in Idaho or Utah, and then immediately finding out they're Mormon.

In one of her posts, she said, "There's a culture there, and in surrounding areas (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, UTAH) of people giving their children all manner of atrocious made-up and misspelled names."

She's not wrong.

If you think someone's name is crazy, you might feel like a jerk — but let's remember it was their parents who named them that, and now they have to live a whole life of everyone being thrown off by their name — so who's the real jerk?

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