Can 2020 get any more interesting? The punchline when things go wrong always has something to do with these numbers, 2020. That's usually following by some not so nice words.

I think it also forces people to reinvent themselves—for instance, Taco Bell. I've written about several popular items that they have pulled from the menu due to low interest. You start to look at everything when the bottom line takes a hit. So, let's sell alcohol.

It makes sense because so many people have been working from home if you could keep that job in the first place. Wine happens to be the popular item of choice, and Taco Bell will pair this with a sweet Toasted Cheesy Chalupa.

There is a catch if you want wine because it will begin in Canada only. No, you can't just drive-thru Taco Bell and grab a bottle of wine, yet. Canada will launch this with the new Chalupa that comes to the United States in November. That's how it starts though, so don't get too disappointed because money is money. If there are no issues with selling wine through Canada's Taco Bells, you can guarantee it will be a United States launch coming soon.

There is probably so much involved with alcohol licenses and selling in a drive-thru that makes it difficult in the US.

Would you be down for some Jalapeno Noir? I'm not a big wine guy just because I've never really been around it. Every time I try it's just too warm for me and I know that sounds ridiculous. I'll figure it out someday and maybe when it comes to a Taco Bell near us!

I found more detailed info from Food and Wine.


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