This week might include more stops at the gas station than usual, with the big Memorial Day travel weekend coming up.  Do you have a go-to spot that's your favorite to fill up?

These Treasure Valley gas stations are on the list of the Top 15 in the country.

Maybe you never think about having a favorite gas station.  Which one is the closest when you're trying to get home after work and you're running on fumes?  That one will probably be the favorite of the moment.  Or the one that has the cheapest gas.  Or the winning lottery ticket.

But there's something to be said for places that make an effort to be clean, well-lit, make good sandwiches, and have enormous fountain drinks with that magical crushed ice.  We notice.  Those gigantic fountain drinks make us stop and use the restroom at several other gas stations along our route, so we get familiar with all of them in a hurry.

Some of the best gas stations in the country are in the Treasure Valley, and you may see some of the others on your Memorial Day Weekend road trip in other parts of the country.

The most preferred gas station overall is Kwik Trip (mostly in Wisconsin and the Midwest), based on fuel prices, food quality, payment options, getting in and out easily,  overall appearance, and customer service.

Treasure Valley gas stations including Chevron, Exxon, and Phillips 66 made the Top 15. Costco was a big winner when it came to fuel price. says Boise gas prices are in the $2.30s right now.  Prices usually go up with the summer driving season, but most experts don't expect prices to get out of control this summer.  That makes the drive better, and so does listening to the radio so crank it up.

Wednesday or Thursday would be a good day to fill up this week, since Friday is a huge travel day and the lines might be a little longer for that 64 oz. Big Chug.  Have a safe trip!

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