If ya gotta go, ya gotta go, and on your summer road trip, you might be really happy with the first restroom you come across.  But it's a total score if it's neat and clean, and there's one convenience store pit stop in Idaho that will be better than all the rest.

Beef jerky, gummy bears, and fountain drinks with that soft round ice can make any trip better, and along with good snacks, restrooms matter too.

I remember on long road trips as a kid, my sister and I always marked our progress by how many times we had eaten along the way.  Our parents would get us a donut, then we would drive for two hours. Then we'd stop for some sort of imitation cheese snack with sticks for dipping, then two more hours of driving, then we'd have lunch at McDonald's, and drive for three hours and before stopping for a fountain drink with good crunchy ice and chase it with beef jerky.

The urge to "go" would hit in a hurry, and Dad would often pull over at the first convenience store we saw so we would be quiet and he could get back to driving in peace.  Sometimes that meant ending up at a restroom with a sign on the door that said, "see attendant" for the key.  Scary!  The door to that restroom outside the main store was usually so rickety it didn't really need to be locked in the first place and it felt like a film crew from Survivor should be taping the whole thing. And it smelled like motor oil mixed with lake water.  It was kinda like playing Beanboozled and getting the raunchy, gross jelly bean.  I'm so glad convenience store bathrooms have leveled up since then!

Gasbuddy recently posted the best gas station restrooms in America, and in Idaho, Maverik came out on top.  That was the case not only in Idaho, but in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada too.  So if you really gotta go, hopefully, you can hold it til you see a Maverik sign, and take comfort knowing you'll never have to see the attendant for a key before you can take care of business.

It's another good summer for road trips, and it's always more fun if the pit stops aren't gross and disgusting.  Thanks, Maverik!  We've packed a lot of water and energy drinks, so I'm sure we'll all be seeing you soon.


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