There are a lot of amazing places to start the rest of your life with your loved one...especially if you like out door weddings, because Idaho has a lot of beautiful outdoor areas, but according to Orbitz, this spot is the #1 spot to get married in Idaho..and it's a short drive from the Treasure Valley.

Our daughter was recently engaged and wedding season will be upon us soon and If you're looking for the best place to get married in Idaho, head north to McCall, to the Shore Lodge. According to Orbitz, The Shore Lodge in McCall is the number one spot in Idaho for your nuptials.

I totally get it, I LOVE LOVE McCall! Winter, Summer Fall, it's beautiful and amazing. I don't really enjoy spring too wet, muddy and not a lot of fun things to do, till about June.

The Shore Lodge is a 5 star resort on Payette Lake right in the middle of the beautiful Idaho outdoors.

It's totally affordable, unlike some other great wedding spots in Idaho. Sun Valley is great and for my money, Couer d 'Alene is even better, but I kind am digging McCall being on top of this list. Do you agree? Is there some other place that's more amazing? Share in the comments section or email me at





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