Boise State is looking to have first round picks in the NFL and NBA drafts for the first time in history. Leighton Vander Esch  Was chosen 19th by the Dallas Cowboys in last months NFL draft and Chandler is predicted to be a first-round pick in next months NBA draft. But this week Chandler decided to drop out of the NBA combine. According to BJ Raines of the Idaho Press-Tribune, it's not injury what is the reason?

Like the NFL combine the NBA combine is a chance for players to make an impression on teams that might draft the player. That can either be a positive or negative impression.

Which brings us to why Hutchison and his agent pulled out of the NBA Combine.

The hypothesis among some draft experts including, Jonathon Givony of DraftExpress, is that he may already have a team that has promised to draft him in the first round: "

So by participating in the combine, all he can do is hurt his draft ranking with a bad combine or worse yet, he could get injured and not get drafted at all. So by participating, he can only hurt himself and his chances to get drafted in the first round.

Now, where will he be drafted? USA Today, mock draft has him going number twenty to the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Although others seem to think he has received assurances from Portland that the Trailblazers plan on taking him at #24.

According to SB Nation, many in the organization like Hutchison and he already has a connection to Portland star Damian Lillard with the two sharing the same trainer.

There is no guarantee that Hutchison will still be available at #24 when the Blazers pick because when a player withdraws from the combine and isn't injured, it tends to draw attention by other teams wondering who is planning on drafting him and what are they seeing that maybe was overlooked before. In other words, it's a good position of Chandler to be the very worst he's already guaranteed a spot in the first round and at the most, he's currently moving up the draft boards to somewhere in the top 20.

Whatever the case, it looks as if BSU will have first-round draft picks in the NFL and NBA in the same year for the first time in history. Not too many programs in the country can say that.


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