I've come a long way in my journey as a cook. Only a few years ago I didn't even know how to boil eggs. Somewhere along the way I fell in love with cooking though. Now I take pride in heading the dinner menu at my family's Christmas gatherings - told you I've come a long way. However, there is always room for improvement! I'm really excited to learn about the new cooking school that opened up here in downtown Boise this past July.

Season + Taste is a hands-on cooking school for small group classes. Chef Christina Mae Murray is a classically trained chef and offers classes for adults, families and kids from ages 8-17. She teaches a variety of cooking techniques and culinary dishes. The best part is that these techniques can be replicated in your own home kitchen. Most classes at Season + Taste for adults and kids having a starting price at $59.

Chef Christina Mae Murray shared her teaching style to Boise Dev, saying "I’ve taught for a really long time and you need to see it, you need to touch it, you need to do it yourself, hear it, and use all of your senses to do it yourself to be able to fully execute it at home,” she said. “I pride myself in making recipes classes accessible that are difficult to do.”

Parisian Date and Wine Night is the next class coming up this weekend and the menu looks delish!! I'm planning to join myself one of these weekends.

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