The turf at Albertsons Stadium (formerly Bronco Stadium) was not always blue. There were 26 years where the turf was your standard green turf like any other college or NFL football field. But in 1986 the decision was made to change it to the now iconic blue turf that even non sports fans recognize. When I was little, long before I was a football fan and before I lived here, I knew about this vibrant blue field. After 35 years it would seem ridiculous to all of a sudden scrap it. But what if it happened? Would the football team start failing?

Obviously the Broncos roster has been more than impressive over the decades, helping make Boise State one of the winningest programs in college football history. But historically their home field advantage seems to make a difference. I mean, that's for all teams, right? Generally playing at home is the desired scenario. The pandemic robbed them of fans at the stadium last season, but at least it was still blue and they won 2 of 3 home games. Now imagine if the field were green. I personally think things would take a dive.

I believe in bad juju. If it ain't broke, don't all of a sudden go back to standard green turf. That blue turf is a vibe that the players, coaches, and fans have thrived on for years and years. Altering that would most certainly bring bad juju on the team and cause failures. Or am I just a superstitious twit? I feel like sports fans get where I'm coming from, but I could be wrong. Am I disrespectful for thinking the color of a field holds that much power? What do you think?


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