A class of nine students that are part of a trades program at COSSA Academy built a tiny house that is going to do big things in our community!

They spent 5 days a week from November to June perfecting every detail of this tiny house.

For $100 dollars a ticket, Metro Community Services, based out of Canyon County, is raffling off a tiny house in August to create funds for local seniors in need.

Only 1,000 tickets will be sold, which if you’re not good at math, will raise $100,000!

The tiny house has the opportunity to help Meals on Wheels programs in Ada and Canyon County. Selling one of these houses will help 20,000 seniors receive meals!

The tiny house is 192 square feet on the base and 8 more in the loft, measuring in at a modest 200 square feet. It has a kitchen with a sink, fridge, stove and oven, a hot water heater and air conditioning unit.

For more information on the tiny house auction, click HERE, or call 208-459-0063.

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