Something about holiday weekends makes people think they are invincible to danger and above the law. Idaho State Police charged 56 drivers with DUI over 4th of July weekend. That's 56 too many! Now that Labor Day weekend is upon us, it's important to stress that it's simply not worth it to get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol.

I lived in Las Vegas my entire life before moving here, where it seems like everyone is drinking and there are DUI horror stories to match. I've seen plenty of New Year's Eve DUI fatality news stories. Children being run over on Halloween weekend by drunk drivers has happened more than twice that I can remember. One 4th of July had a drunk mom driving her kids off the freeway. But these things can happen in any city!

I totally understand wanting to go home in your own car after a long night of partying so you don't have to worry about it in the morning. But it's illegal and dangerous and can harm yourself and others. Designate a driver, take an Uber, or spend the night wherever you are. It's not worth the risk.

Even if you don't get into an accident, you'll probably get pulled over and arrested. Idaho State Police are cracking down with lots of officers patrolling and checkpoints galore. So unless you're looking forward to a night in the slammer with an increased chance of contracting Covid, make the wise choice and drink responsibly. If you wanna be a sloppy mess, go for it. But keep yourself away from operating any and all vehicles.


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