says stay-at-home moms are worth $113,568 per year with the cooking, cleaning, chauffeuring, mediating, etc. Wow!

Just for fun, let's try to make a list of all the roles we fill in a day!

This was my daughter, Kallan, when she was about 2.  She's 4 now and still loves corn. 



Doctor, and sometimes that's an ER doctor


Rule-maker (like Congress only we can pass things with a majority of one)




Life coach

Event Planner

And so many other things!  Let's talk about it on Facebook this afternoon.  I think all of this stuff actually adds up to way more than $113, 568.  Unless they're talking about stay-at-home moms being worth that amount per week and not per year.  Ha!  Nice work moms!  You are appreciated.