If you've been listening to Mix 106 this week, you've probably noticed we've made a few small changes.  Jen Austin has moved from afternoons to 10am-3pm and I am the new guy on from 3pm-7pm.

I'm new to the Treasure Valley, and along with my wife and our 5 year-old son Colton, have just moved to Meridian.  So far, we're loving our new home (although it's filled with more packed boxes than unpacked ones) and we're excited to experience all that Boise has to offer.

It also means we're starting new things...new jobs...new routines...and for Colton...he's just started the City of Meridian's summer camps this week.  When he got home from him first day, I was able to talk to him about his day went.  He shared a few things with me like he was a little hot, a little sweaty, and a little lonely (that mom and dad weren't back yet).

I reassured him that mom and dad will always come back and told him how proud I was of him for meeting new people and how brave I think he is. He asked "why am I brave?" I said because you showed courage and you made it through the challenges today...and tomorrow it wont seem quite so new...or quite so scary.

I hope that conversation helped him...I know it helped me.

It made me curious about what the best advice you've ever given or received would be for starting something new?

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