Now that spring is here and we've got warmer weather, the kindness rock movement is about to get an infusion of energy. The next two weekends will be prime times to paint, hide, and find colorful new rocks, but there are some rules we'll need to keep in mind.  

Those medium-sized, smooth river rocks seem to be everywhere, but it's against the rules to take them from private property.  I've seen them in landscape beds at storefronts and restaurants, and it's best to leave those in place rather than purse a few to take them home to paint.  If you've got a friend with the smooth gray rocks in her landscape beds, it might work to ask her to borrow a couple.

Boise "Rocks" says on its Facebook page, once we've researched the rules on taking rocks from rivers, lakes, and streams, we can just whip out the acrylic paints and get creative.  They've got a few tips, including these:

--  Sharpies work if you let it dry for a day or so and they seal with spray.

-- Acrylic paint pens work great for writing and detail.

-- Keep rocks PG rated no bad words or negative remarks.

And if you're like me, let the kids lead the way!  I'm the worst artist ever, but it's fun to pull out the paints and watch the kids get messy and creative and express themselves in any way they want.  It doesn't have to turn out perfectly, and sometimes the rock has more character that way.

That said, the super artistic ones are impressive too, and proof that Boise has some really talented painters that can perfect a plain ole rock and make it sizzle.

My three girls and I were out at a park last week and they found one painted rock at the bottom of a bush, and they were so inspired to be part of the movement that they each went home and painted a rock and we hid them all the next day.  Two hours later we went back to check on the rocks, and two of the three were already gone.

If you find a painted rock anywhere in the Treasure Valley, you can post it on the Boise "Rocks" Facebook page and let the group know where you found it.

A few of the comments mentioned hiding a fresh batch of new rocks this weekend and next weekend for Easter, so this might be the perfect time to get involved.  That might look like an egg from a distance, but it'll be a little heavier and prettier than those plastic things.  We'll just have to bring our own stash of jelly beans.

My girls had a blast painting and hiding rocks, and it seems to be an easy win for any mom for a way to keep kids active and creative.  Have fun!

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