The Wonders of Idaho Living

But in truth, the allure of the Gem State has captivated musicians, authors, journalists, and adventurists since its 1863 inception. Westward expansion into Idaho shed light on the peace and beauty its rugged terrain possesses. On a cultural front, our free-spirited way of life seems to entice wanderers in search of wingspan and individuality. We love the village, but the village will never raise our children or think on our behalf.

Songs About Idaho

It's no secret to Idaho residents that our home state is frequently dismissed by mainstream media and pop culturists. Perhaps that's what makes hearing a tourist's rave reaction to their first visit here so sensational. Even cooler, authors and musicians alike have even gone on to solidify their love for Idaho in hit songs and popular novels.

Maybe it's because my parents graduated high school in 1978 and raised me on classic rock, but Lynyrd Skynyrd's "What's Your Name" always comes to mind when I think about songs that mention Idaho.

Well, its eight o'clock in Boise, Idaho
I'll find my limo driver
Mister, take us to the show
I done made some plans for later on tonight
I'll find a little queen
And I know I can treat her right
What's your name, little girl?
What's your name?
Shootin' you straight, little girl?
Won't you do the same? —Lynyrd Skynyrd

More Idaho Song Craze

The classic rock band's "What's Your Name" is but one of Idaho's many musical claims to fame. For more Idaho hits across multiple genres, visit All-American Atlas!
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