Great Beer, Great Food, Great service, tons of space and even a mini golf course. This is going to be one fun place to hang out.

According to Sockeye's website: "A year after celebrating its 25th year in business and announcing it had signed a lease on the location formerly known as the 36th Garden Center & Bistro, Sockeye Brewing will officially commence construction on the tenant improvements for its second location, Sockeye Alehouse."

It took a long time to make these dream and plans become a reality and they are officially underway. "Once completed, Sockeye Alehouse will span over 12,000 square ft. and will feature a full-service restaurant with large indoor and outdoor dining areas, location-specific menu, and the addition of a golf themed bar with a custom year-round, indoor 9-hole putting course."

They are hoping to have everything ready to open by November as long as everything goes according to plan. This will be the largest brewery in Idaho once compete. While it is a brewery they are aiming to make this a wonderful, beautiful and fun family friendly environment.

Sockeye Brewing's owner, Fred Shuerman loves to break the mold and do things differently. Like with the 'Sockeye Railroad' train car. According to CBS2 it was originally built in "1883 and officially known as Oregon Railroad and Navigation Co. Coach 94. It had a long and successful 50 year run and retired from railroad duty in 1933, then was parked on the Boise Bench on Rose Hill and turned into a popular little bar known as "The Trolly" until it was set on fire in 2006.

Fred bought it and spent years and years slowly resorting it. Now it sits right alongside the front of the restaurant attached to the far right patio.

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