Social media over your significant other? I see it a lot and have had to deal with it myself. Why is it almost the norm for people to put social media before your loved ones?

A number of counselors like Vanessa Marin talk about their sessions being "filled with stories about the ways that social media interferes with clients’ relationships". Prioritizing quality time before social media has become lost. A quote from a dating guru  from the same article “Men and women are guilty of reaching for their phone and basking in the glow of their screen rather than the afterglow of lovemaking.”

Your partner should ALWAYS feel more important than your phone but we are all probably guilty of putting it first over a loved one at some point. All this does is create insecurities and friction. How do we curb that? Scrolling through Facebook while you are on the couch or in bed with your person doesn't count as quality time but it is part of life these days. Sometimes people yearn for the attention they aren't getting from their loved one, so they turn to social media and then the other will do the same. Social media over your significant other... thoughts?

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