The Humane Society is an organization that is near and dear to my heart. All of my pets growing up came from the Humane Society and each one provided me with so much love and so many memories. I always try to give back any opportunity that I can and right now is the time to do so. The West Valley Humane Society in Canyon County is currently asking for donations to help support 22 cats who were recently rescued.

According to the West Valley Humane Society's Facebook page, a woman living out of state made a plea for help with concerns of an elderly parent living with 22 cats inside their home. Thankfully, relatives and community members were able to quickly come together and step into action to help these cats in need.

"So far, with basic evaluations, the cost of care for these cats will be close to $5,500. The majority of the cats are unaltered, are at half of their ideal body weight (4-5 pounds on average), have ear mites and internal parasites and varying degrees of need for dental care," West Valley shared. Many of the cats will have to undergo specialty care such as tumor removal, eye repair, abscess care, upper respiratory treatment and tooth extractions.

The community has already stepped up in big ways by covering the owner surrender fees. This has allowed the cats to receive  immediate care and evaluation with limited cost to the family. However, the shelter still needs help covering the medical costs needed to provide these cats with the full treatment that they need. As of Monday night, $1,205 had already been donated on Facebook. Donate now and help the West Valley Humane Society raise the $5,500 these cats need and deserve.

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